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Fanny is sick with a psychological disorder. She lives with her brother, but does not get along with her sister-in-law. After a fight, she runs away to Germany, where her father is buried next to his mistress. During her trip, she meets Oskar, who does not speak French. With gestures and facial expressions, they invent a form of communication.

"What touched and interested me was to treat Fannys 'madness' as, above all, the expression of a wound. It is the story of someone who never knew how to communicate and who is saved by love. Therefore, I wanted Fannys itinerary to look like that of a fairy tale character: evolutionary, initiatory, even if the tone of the movie generally stays more or less 'realistic'. Indeed, Fanny is different from the others: she is the black sheep of the family, she runs away, sets off in search of adventure, and the day when she is looked at differently, she 'becomes beautiful' . Filming a love story between two people who do not speak the same language was my first idea when this still-hazy story was forming in my head. Only showing bodies, gazes, gestures. Only hearing laughs, wordless voices. This way, I hope to approach stricly cinematographic emotions. The lack of dialogue can therefore bring a certain form of freedom to the work with the actors, and a different type of inventiveness. I wrote the part of Fanny for Nathalie Boutefeu, an actress who has been been working with me since my first short film and with whom I will have the opportunity to explore still unkown areas." Jérôme Bonnell

Production: Theus Productions (Paris), France 2 Cinéma (Paris)

Screenplay: Jérôme Bonnell

Cinematographer: Pascal Lagriffoul

Cast: Nathalie Boutefeu, Marc Citti, Judith Remy, Lars Rudolph

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running time: 87 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: French

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