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Husband and wife want to move to a new apartment. During their ten-minute dialogue we get an idea of the real estate market in Kiev and the priorities of the citizens. Three drug-addicted teenagers are planing their evening. Thanks to them we learn about the Kievs nightlife. In a sauna, two discharged cooks are discussing all of Kiev's restaurants. In eleven episodes, the film provides important and interesting information about the Ukrainian capital: facts, prices and routes. A cooly ironic kind of instruction manual for the city of Kiev.

"I just liked the word, the way it fit my idea. And the idea was that usual information can be very poetic, even if you only hear names of streets. I tried to combine two different categories – information and aesthetics, and make something impressive. I also wanted to put three different movie genres together: feature movie, documentary and chronicle. I will show everything about Kiev in two hours. The documentary part will show its secret places, the chronicle will be about its history, and the spirit of Kiev will be seen in the feature part. Each episode in the movie tells a different story about different parts of the city. There will be everything on the nightlife of the capital. Lots of foreigners come to Kiev just to have fun. They say this city has a special atmosphere, meaning the human factor." Aleksandr Shapiro

Production: Lazaretty Reproduction (Kiev)

Screenplay, art direction, editing: Aleksandr Shapiro

Cinematographer: Pawel Olexijenko

Composer, sound: Jewgenij Kekuh

Cast: Witalij Linetzkij, Alexej Gorbunow, Wladimir Gorianskij, Alla Sergijko, Wladimir Jamnenko

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.37, Color

Running time: 108 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: Russian

Funded by:

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