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The film presents the story of Israeli combat soldiers (many of them officers in elite units) who, after years of loyal reserve service, have decided to refuse to do their annual thirty days' duty in the occupied territories. The film tells the stories of six soldiers, the reasons for their actions, the chilling confessions of the experience of being an occupying soldier and especially the difficulties they encounter as the consequence of their objection, including collective rejection and imprisonment. The publication of the "Combat Soldiers' Letter" in January 2002, signed by 614 reserve soldiers, caused public turmoil as the new objectors belong to the army's foundations. Until recently they themselves perpetuated the occupation, but now in the film they object to it openly and tell about the horrific experiences they went through and caused others to endure. All the protagonists of the film operate from within the army and Israeli society, but their combat experiences express another voice. Not abstract ideas, but personal, often very traumatic, experiences prompted them to act. "On the Objection Front" tells the story of this process and the refusal of Israeli society to listen to them and acknowledge their actions.

"Through the personal stories of the 'refusniks' I wanted to try to define what is the limit of obedience to military orders. What are the ethical norms of individual soldiers, who decide to defy their commanders, risking a jail sentence and understanding that sometimes one has to follow one's conscience rather than the law?" Shiri Tsur

Production: Velvet Production (Tel Aviv)

Cinematographer: Nurith Aviv, Eitan Haris, David Zerif

Sound: Amos Zipori, Tuli Hen

Composer: Ran Slavin

Editor: Limor Pinhasov

Format: Digi Beta PAL, Color

Running time: 63 min.

Language: Hebrew

Funded by:

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