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Three fictional episodes show actors trying to achieve absolute personal and thematic devotion to their roles. Their lives and work have a special relationship to Berlin, the city where each of them has personal experiences. Marlon, a young acting student, has to forget the rules of acting he has just learned and get to know himself better, before he can know how to flesh out his role. He plunges into the vortex of the city for two days and nights. Lizzy constantly stages herself, but it always goes wrong: no money, no agency, no red carpet. She meets the cute callboy Julian in a bar and turns his biography into her story. Lizzy exploits the citys shamelessness for herself, winning in the end. Ohboy, a flâneur, is afraid of the theater rehearsals, so he does not attend them. In a long walk down Potsdamer Strasse, which unites all of Berlin's facets, he faces his script, his fear of the script, and above all himself. These episodes are tied together with staged and improvised moments of rehearsals for the play "Stadt als Beute" (The city as Prey), with René Pollesch in the role of the director.

Production: Filmgalerie 451 (Berlin), ZDF/'Das kleine Fernsehspiel', Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin)

Screenplay: Irene von Alberti, Miriam Dehne, Esther Gronenborn, based on the play by René Pollesch

Cast: Inga Busch, Richard Kropf, David Scheller, Stipe Erceg, Julia Hummer, RP Kahl, René Pollesch and others

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running time: 93 min., 25 frames/sec.

Language: German

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