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One night, Matiss Zelcs, an employee of the Latvian national archive in Riga, notices a woman on a bridge. After passing by her without preventing her suicidal fall into the depths, a sensation of failure and guilt changes his life. He cannot forget her. Driven by a feeling of remorse and the fever of illusion, he roams through the city night and day looking for traces of her existence. This journey through the tumult of his conscience leads him deeper into his own loneliness and the depths of his soul, as he gets more and more entangled in the destinies of the woman and of the people who were attached to her. He finds himself confronted with the pain of yearning and guilt, the cruelty of love and desire, and the search for forgiveness, release and salvation.

"With this film I wanted to be quieter, I did without the expressive excesses. They raged inside instead. I put the drama, that really always plays inside – it just manifests itself in the outside world - in our heads, in our imaginations. For a long time I've had an uncomfortable feeling about related stories. The real drama takes place in our spirit. It's like everything an illusion, and like every illusion, real-ity." Fred Kelemen

Production: Kino Kombat Filmproduction (Berlin), Screen Vision (Riga)

Screenplay, cinematography: Fred Kelemen

Cinematographer: Baiba Lagzdina

Editors: Fred Kelemen, Franka Pohl, Klaus Charbonnier.

Cast: Egons Dombrovskis, Nikolaj Korobov, Vigo Roga, Aija Dzerve, Gundars Silakaktins

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.37, b/w

Running time: 88 Min., 25 frames/Sec.

Languages: Latvian, Russian

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