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"Peter Hutton's work is related to traditions of 19th-century landscape painting and still photography. The meticulously framed compositions of city views or landscapes are depicted in extended takes, inviting the spectator to take time and look closely... His most recent film, 'Skagafjödur', draws its title from a particularly striking region of northern Iceland. The film documents the area's ravishing landscape in a series of serene vistas of rolling hills and open sky. After an introductory sequence in black and white, the film switches to luminous color to capture the atmospheric play of light on the coastal valley. Hutton finds the mythic character of Iceland in its ancient physical landmarks, like the imposing Drangey Island, as well as in the brilliant, ephemeral moments slowly transforming the landscape." Henriette Huldisch

"Skagafjördur" is shown together with Vivian Ostrovsky's Ice/Sea.

Production: Potemkin hönnun (Reykjavík)

Format/screen ratio: 16mm, 1:1.85, b/w, Color, silent

Running time: 28 min., 24 frames/sec.

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