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A playful collage of sea, sun and ice. A beach extravaganza starring suicidal skiiers, soakingwet tigers, plunging mermaids and much more.

"The films are a kind of journal, often composed of travel notes since I tend to move around a lot. I had already made one ('Copacabana Beach', 1983) using only the Rio beach. Since then I had amassed a sizeable amount of material from other places: Salvador, Recife, Miami, Brighton Beach in New York, the Dead Sea, Barcelona, the Camargue and Brittany in France. It was tempting to try a sequel. I started investigating beach architecture and found that La Grande Motte, near Montpellier, had similarities with Varna in Bulgaria – that 1960s/'70s style. In Patagonia I found blue glaciers on the Lago Argentino that seemed to make the sun look warmer. And the penguins made me promise they would have a starring role. Wear your flip-flops, take a towel and I hope you enjoy the beach." Vivian Ostrovsky

"Ice/Sea" is shown together with Peter Hutton's Skagafjördur.

Production: Jet Lag Productions (New York)

Cinematography, sound: Vivian Ostrovsky

Format/screen ratio: 16mm, 1:1.37, b/w, Color

Running time: 32 min., 24 frames/sec

Language: English

Funded by:

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