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Keniloe is a tormented young poet desperately trying to make sense of the world. He spends his Sundays in a park in Hillbrow, and meets Fatima, a Somali refugee who tells him the heartbreaking circumstances of her arrival in South Africa. Disturbed, Keniloe decides to use Fatima's experience as the basis for a book he wants to write about the plight of refugees and the effects of war and displacement. When he returns to the park to speak to her again, he finds that she has disappeared. Determined to find her, Keniloe sets off on a journey that brings him into contact with a wide range of characters who have all experienced displacement as a result of circumstance or ideological differences and whose stories profoundly affect him. "A fascinating contribution to the rich global trend of blending documentary and fiction, Khalo Matabane's film gathers a book's worth of accounts of exiles, ranging from a Montenegro woman who fled bombing in Bosnia, to a former Congo presidential guardsman who survived a machete attack. Some are more or less rooted in Johannesburg; others never seem to lose their sense of being in exile. No conclusions are drawn except that the city has become a haven for refugees from the world's war-ravaged zones. Roving hand-held vid camerawork is extremely fluid and intimate, and the capturing of city life rarely if ever feels staged for effect. Carlo Mombelli's doom-laden jazz score runs against aud expectations of a South African film with typically South African music." Robert Koehler

Production + World Sales: Matabane Filmworks

Screenplay: Khalo Matabane

Cinematographer: Matthys Mocke

Editor: Audrey Maurion

Composer: Carlo Mombelli

Sound: Lenny Nyozi

Cast: Tony Kgoroge, Fatima Hersi

Format: HD (shot on Digital Video), Color/b/w

Running time: 80 minutes

Languages: English, French, Zulu, Serbo-Croatian, Kiswahili

Foto: ©Robin Fortune

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