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Go, Go Second Time Virgin is based on a script by Adachi Masao, and is inspired by a poem by Nakamura Yoshinori. It was Wakamatsu's idea to shoot on the rooftop of his office building and to give the open space a claustrophobic look. A girl is raped on the rooftop by a gang. A shy boy observes the scene. The two feel affection for each other, and a peculiar platonic love develops between them. The boy kills the rapists. The girl begs him to kill her as well, but the boy does not listen to her, and he also refuses to sleep with her. Wakamatsu attempted to demolish the "ping eiga" genre from within by contrasting the depiction of sexual violence with its own critique and the refusal of sexuality.

Production: Wakamatsu Production, Tokio

Screenplay: Deguchi Izuru (Adachi Masao)

Camera: Ito Hideo

Cast: Kozakura Mimi, Akiyama Michio, Doriki, Zenbei Seshio, Aoki Yuji, Fuga Chojamaru, Marcel Maki, Hanamura Arume, Madam Eduard, Hone Keiwa, Ran Koju, Ejima Yuko, Matsuura Ko, Imaizumi Hiroshi

Format: 35mm, Cinemascope, Black-and-white and Color

Running time: 65 min.

Language: Japanese

Funded by:

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