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Forum expanded Talk and Show:
Episode 7: Handmade Films
12.02.  20:00 Arsenal 2 (admission free)

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On the edge of the abyss a troupe of three meets faith, who appears in the form of a young woman. They are transported to an eastern metropolis, not knowing where to go or what to do. Random signs lead each one of them on a different journey.

Germany/Egypt/Brazil 2008, 35mm, 22 minutes

Direction, Script: Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn

Camera: Michel Balagué

Editor: Gustavo Jahn

Sound: Martin Kleinmichel

Gustavo Jahn, born 1980 in Florianópolis, and Melissa Dullius, born 1981 in Porto Alegre, are an artist couple from Brazil who now live and work in Berlin. With other filmmakers/artists they are involved in "LaborBerlin", an initiative for sharing filmmaking knowledge and hand processing film material.

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