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Directors and artists at Forum Expanded 2009

D-L Alvarez
a project including works by Anne McGuire, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Philip Marshall, Patty Chang, Jennifer Locke, Wayne Smith, Craig Goodman, Nao Bustamonte, Jack Falanga, Mike Kitchell, Kim Brauer, Brenna Murphy, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Adrian Hermanides, Stephen Beachy, Alexandre Estrela, Stanley Lieber, Aykan Safoglu

Stephen Andrews

Pablo Bartholomew
Flick Stills - Memorabilia of a Past Life

Scott Miller Berry
anamnesis, Canada 2008, 3 min.

Pavel Büchler

Oksana Bulgakowa & Dietmar Hochmuth
The Factory of Gestures. Body Language in Film

Guillaume Cailleau & Benjamin Krieg

Chris Chong Chan Fui
Block B, Malaysia, Canada 2008, 20 min. 

Bonnie Devine & Keesic Douglas & Darryl Nepinak & Bear Witness
A Grim Fairy Tale, Canada 2008, 7 min.
War Pony, Canada 2008, 10 min.
Zwei Indianer Aus Winnipeg, Canada 2008, 3 min.
The Story Of Apanatschi And Her Redheaded Wrestler, Canada 2008, 6 min.

Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
Triangulum, Germany, Egypt, Brazil 2008, 22 min. 

Stephen Dwoskin
Ascolta!, Great Britain 2008, 6 min. 

Martin Ebner & Katja Eydel & Klaus Weber
Out In The Light, Germany 2008, 16 min.

Heinz Emigholz
Sense Of Architecture, Austria, Germany 2008, 168 min. 

Milena Gierke
Kröten, Germany 2008, 6 min. 

Shumona Goel
Family Tree: Excerpts From a Site-Specific Installation

Karø Goldt
i deeply regret

Dan Graham
Death by Chocolate

Johan Grimonprez
Double Take, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands 2009, 80 min.

Barbara Hammer
A Horse Is Not A Metaphor, USA 2008, 30 min.
Changing the Shape of Film: Available Space and Bent Time (Performance)
Film Scrolls
Sanctus, USA 1990, 19 min.
Still Point, USA 1989, 9 min.
VitalSigns, USA 1991, 10 min.

Birgit Hein
Stills 1973

Wilhelm Hein
Materialfilm Performance. Ein 35mm Cinemascope Expanded Cinema Event, Germany 2009, 35. min.

Philip Hoffman
All Fall Down, Canada 2009, 85 min.

Christian Lebrat
V2 (Puccini), France 2008, 3 min.

Sharon Lockhart
Lunch Break, USA 2008, 83 min.

Marie Losier
Papal Broken Dance, Movie Box #1, Movie Box #2

Tomonari Nishikawa
16-18-4, Japan 2008, 2 min.

Ria Pacquée
Dive Into Mankind, Belgium 2008, 16 min.

Paulette Phillips

Gail Pickering
Yippie Yi Yo Kayah

Jennifer Reeves
When It Was Blue

Ludwig Schönherr
Stupid Structures, Happy Structures: The exhibition
Stupid Structures, Happy Structures: Films by Ludwig Schönherr
New York. A Visual Work Diary, Germany 1976-79, 720 min.
New York. A Visual Work Diary, Germany 1976-79, 60 min.
Unknown Hamburg, Germany 1983-88, 60 min.
Zoom Doku, Germany 1967-69, 18 min.
Stupid Structures, Happy Structures: Sonata for four Televisions
Curated by Marc Siegel

Katharina Sieverding
Projected Data Images

Michael Snow
Puccini Conservato, Canada 2008, 10 min.

Isabell Spengler
LINT  LENT  LAND, Germany 2008, 9 min.

Lisa Steele & Kim Tomczak
Becoming ...

Bill Viola
Hatsu-Yume (1981/2006)
The Passing (1991/2008)

Juliane Zelwies

Stefan Zeyen

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