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In the work of Ria Pacquée, relative and existential elements converge. She begins with the premise that life doesn't necessarily revolve around knowledge and understanding but that everything starts with breathing and a longing for otherness. She heads out into the world with her camera, arranging the images around formal elements. The results are visual-aural puzzles – amalgams of random fragments, combined into a meaningful whole.

"From East to West and West to East. Between clean and dirty water. People in search of money, belief, hope and health. Appearing and disappearing. Me, in the midst of all this, grasping these moments of beauty."

Ria Pacquée

Belgium 2008, DVD, 16 minutes

Camera and Sound: Ria Pacquée

Ria Pacquée was born in Merksem, Belgium in 1954. She lives and works in Antwerp.

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