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Papal Broken-Dance

A campy music video in the style of a scopitone from the early 1960s, with the wonderful cast of 10 boys in sexy red singlets and girls in red tutus, all joyfully dancing with Genesis P-Orridge in a boxing ring- all the ingredients for a slapstick boxing match in music.

USA 2008, super8 & video, color, 6 minutes

Collaborators: Jean Barberis and Sebastien Sanz de Satamaria

Music video: Papal Breakdance by PTV3-Genesis P-Orridge

Movie Box #1

From the outside it may look like a little white birdhouse, but the peephole opens up onto clips and sound bites from Losier’s upcoming feature film, The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jay.

USA 2008; video installation in collaboration with Jean Barberis and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria

Movie Box #2

More outtakes from Losier’s The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jay can be seen in this installation, but this time through a distorting lens covering the surface of the image.

USA 2008; video installation in collaboration with Jean Barberis and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria

Marie Losier, born in France in 1972, is a filmmaker and curator working in New York City. She has shown her films and videos at museums, galleries, biennials, and festivals. She presented 7 films in a solo show in Forum Expanded 2008 as Marie Losier Goes Underground, where she premiered her new film on Tony Conrad. She has started her first feature film, a portrait of on the musical genius Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and her band Psychic TV. The work-in-progress will be shown in April 2009 at the Centre George Pompidou to open Hors Pistes. All the above works are from Luxe Gallery, New York, and were made in collaboration with FIAF, the French Institute Alliance Française as part of Crossing the Line 2008.

"Marie Losier is the most effervescent and psychologically accurate portrait artist working in film today. Her films wriggle with the energy and sweetness of a broken barrel full o’ sugar worms!!! No one makes pictures like Marie, Edith Sitwell’s inner Tinkerbell!"

Guy Maddin 2008

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