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Fortaleza is one of many cities in Brazil that is going through a process of “Miamization”, which raises an armored layer unsurpassable by most of its inhabitants. Thus, some specificities present in the locals’ art of living disappear without a trace. Moreira Campos was a writer who had a surgical eye for these specificities, identifying very unique particularities in those ways of life. His house was demolished to build the thousandth shopping center parking lot in the city.
Viventes (Livings) brings these characters into this space so that they can pay a visit to their father. These characters are staged by the artists and thinkers of Fortaleza. As Campos’s characters, these artists are also possible ghosts of the future.
These tableaux vivants are also part of the film Visit to the Son (2014), in which a senile man drifts through the city in search of his son. During his wanderings, he passes through a parking lot where he faces these viventes - the living beings.

Frederico Benevides lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He is an artist, thinker, and filmmaker with a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro.

: fredbenevidesp@gmail.com
Format: single-channel video installation, colour
Running time: 21 min
Language: Without dialogue

Funded by:

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