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The moon didn’t give off much light, so it was darker outside the hut than inside. The hut, the shelter, was quickly built: four stakes, some wooden slats, a metal rooftop. Eyes that were used to the darkness of the night could make out a gap between the roof and the wall, a piece of clearance for better ventilation, holding sheet and wood together. The language getting through to the outside was without faces, only the garments reflected the sparse lighting. In it, motion sequences could be roughly reconstructed. A beige sponge slid back and forth in the hut, seemingly of its own accord. Now and then it uncovered a diamond shaped spot, once the glistening white of eyes turned away. A reluctant stamp of a foot on the ground could be heard. The simultaneous whispering in the twilight sounded like a rhythmic duel.

Jeanne Faust, born in 1968 in Wiesbaden, is an artist and art professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. She lives and works in Hamburg and Bremen.

Contact: jeannefaust@gmx.de www.meyer-riegger.de
Format: single-channel video installation, sound, poster.
Running time
: 4 min
Language: Punjabi

Funded by:

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