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While US President Ronald Reagan is out horse riding, the Syrian President Hafiz al-Assad tries in vain to reach him by phone. Ayman Nahle’s short film turns us into witnesses of the phone call with White House staff as we watch Syrian refugees waiting in Turkey.

“It’s quiet here, except for the echoes of the noise, the tone of the moment and the sigh of waiting. ‘Time has not passed yet, there’s still some time’. Entire families, elderly, women, children, youngsters, war injured, in addition to the smugglers – all are present here as if they own the location. At Izmir Garage, thousands of illegalized migrants are getting ready daily for the journey to the unknown. Some have chosen a café in the area to be the waiting spot, some talk and laugh, while the rest have settled in silence, contemplating the kids. The state: waiting. Everyone here is waiting for the mediator to arrive with the tickets. Will he come today? Or will the trip be postponed to another day? Izmir Garage represents the mid-point in the long journey of the Syrian migration. After the hassle of arriving in Turkey, another trip on the sea still waits for them before they reach Europe.” Ayman Nahle

Ayman Nahle was born in 1984 in Beirut, Lebanon, where he also lives and works. Since 2007 he has been working as director of photography and editor. NOW: END OF SEASON is his first short film as director.

Production: Ayman Nahle, Beirut; Bidayyat, Beirut
Screenplay: Ayman Nahle
Camera: Ayman Nahle
Format: DCP, Color
Running time: 20 min
Language: Arabic

Photo: © Ayman Nahle

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