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A quilombo, a community of descendants of former slaves, is about to be born, or rather to reacquire visibility, in a valley threatened by a multinational mining company. In town, real estate speculation is invading another quilombo, while the women are valiantly fighting to preserve what remains and win back stolen lands.

A Mina dos Vagalumes is a video installation about the ongoing territorial and environmental struggles of quilombolas, their history, their ecosystems, and their metaphysics of liberation in the region of Minas Gerais in Brasil.

Raphaël Grisey, born 1979 in Les Lilas, France, lives and works in Berlin and Trondheim. His video, editorial, and photographic works gather or produce narratives on politics of memories, migration, and architecture.

Production: Spectre Productions, Rennes; Associação Filmes de Quintal, Belo Horizonte; Raphaël Grisey, Berlin
Screenplay: Raphaël Grisey
Camera: Raphaël Grisey
With: Miriam Aprigio Pereira, Maria Luzia Sidônio, Victor „Pantera“ Sidônio, Nubia Negrissi Sidônio, Firmina Paixão, João Vicente Dias, Rita Dias, Maria Aparecida „Tuquinha“ Dias
Format: 3-channel video installation, Color
Running time: 86 min
Language: Portuguese

Photo: © Raphaël Grisey

Funded by:

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