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Girl Talk features poet and critical theorist Fred Moten dancing in slow motion, or ‘dragged time,’ to an a cappella rendition of Betty Carter’s jazz standard “Girl Talk,” here reinterpreted and performed by musician Josiah Wise. Wearing a velvet cloak covered in jewels, Moten turns euphorically in a sunlit garden as the crystals adorning his body refract pink, blue, and green rays.

In exploring the figure of the drag queen and the mother, Moten and Tsang, poet and artist, remain unfixed in any one persona.

Wu Tsang, born in 1982 in Worcester, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles. Tsang is an artist, performer, and filmmaker.

Production: Class Productions, Los Angeles
Camera: Wu Tsang, boychild
With: Fred Moten
Format: 1-channel video installation, Color
Running time: 4 min
Language: English

Photo: © Wu Tsang

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