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The collaboration as it is.
The initial beginnings of an idea can come from a joke, a discussion over a long period of years or a flash moment. It can come from one of us, both of us or from someone else.
Paul writes the scripts and makes drawings from the scripts. The drawings are a type of story board. The script and the drawings are often played out and done as an action, often in character. Paul then rehearses the scripted actions with the collaborating performers. The rehearsals are a place where improvising can occur to find something unexpected. The rehearsals are recorded with a camera. During the actual shoot days Paul primarily directs the performers with Damon’s assistance, again improvising off the script is encouraged. Damon is primarily the one in charge of directing the cameras and editing. During the entire process it is an ongoing back and forth discussion. As Damon is editing, Paul goes on to the next project.
We are interested in extended long pieces, in a series format and also multi-channel viewing. The single channel pieces often have multi-channel version.

The process of doing overrides the need, or concern for the product. The pieces can be distributed in multiple arenas. One piece one set of ideas, leads into the next. Pieces often have a direct relationship and tend to overlap with one another. We try to work with the same artists/ performers in multiple pieces.

Artist Paul McCarthy is famous for his disturbing sculptures, performances and videos that blend elements of high culture and sub-culture and question the fundamental convictions of society. Together with his son Damon McCarthy, he shot the film DADDA – Poodle House Saloon, which is showing in the Forum Expanded programme.

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