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14.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles Atelier Gardens Freiluftkino @ BUFA (Tickets)
18.06.2021 21:30 Eng. subtitles silent green (Tickets)

In Short Film Program #2, together with:

Taking its title from the poem by Wallace Stevens 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, the film is composed of a series of attempts at looking and being looked at. Beginning as a city state commission under the name and attitude of Unschool, the film became a kaleidoscope of the experiences, questions, and wonders of a couple of high school students after a year of experiences with filmmaker Ana Vaz, questioning what cinema can be. Here the camera becomes an instrument of inquiry, a pencil, a song. “The film is a song you can see,” wrote one of the students in a collective constellation of phrases and drawings made during one of the workshops. The phrase is a perfect description of a film that explores a nascent ecology of the senses.

Production EGEAC - Galerias Municipais de Lisboa. Production company Stenar Projects (Lissabon, Portugal). Director Ana Vaz. Cinematography Ana Vaz, Vera Amaral, Mário Neto. Editing Ana Vaz, Deborah Viegas. Sound design Ana Vaz. Sound Mário Neto, Nuno da Luz, Catarina Boieiro. Co-producers Anze Persin, Ana Vaz. With Vera Amaral, Mário Neto, Paula Nascimento, Ana Vaz, Nuno da Luz.

Ana Vaz, born in 1986 in Brasilia, Brazil, is an artist, filmmaker, and founder of the in(ter)disciplinary collective COYOTE. Her film-poems are underpinned by experimental collages of images and sounds, discovered and produced, to reflect upon situations and contexts which are historically and geographically marked by narratives of violence and repression. Expansions or consequences of her films, her practice may also be embodied in writing, critical pedagogy, installations, film programs, or ephemeral events. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Kazuko Trust Award presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in recognition of artistic excellence and innovation in her moving-image work.

Filme: 2007: Sacris Pulso (15 min.). 2012: Entre temps (12 min.), Les mains, negatives (with Julien Creuzet, 15 min.). 2013: A idade da pedra (30 min.). 2014: Occidente (15 min.). 2015: A Film, Reclaimed (with Tristan Bera, 19 Min.). 2016: Ha terra! (12 min.), Amérika: Bahía de las flechas (8 min.). 2018: Olhe bem as montanhas (30 min.), Amazing Fantasy (3 min.), Atomic Garden (8 min.). 2019: Apiyemiyekî? (28 min., Forum Expanded 2020). 2020: Pseudosphynx (9 min.). 2021: 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

Bonus Material



    A conversation about the challenges—and chances—of working on a collaborative film project with highschool students in the time of a pandemic between director Ana Vaz, student Vera Amaral, project manager Paula Nascimento and Forum Expanded co-curator Uli Ziemons.
Forum Expanded 2021

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