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14.06.2021 21:30 Engl. subtitles Atelier Gardens Freiluftkino @ BUFA (Tickets)
18.06.2021 21:30 Engl. subtitles silent green (Tickets)

In Short Film Program #2, with:

We had been preparing for this moment since we were young boys. The other men in the water beside me had now started to scream in anticipation. I started to feel the shifting sand beneath my feet and, egged on by the voices behind us, we started to wade further into the deep, shoulder first, to break that impending wall of water. Startled by an excited howl I had looked over my shoulder and found the remains of a skeleton, that by now had had the flesh entirely washed off its bones, bracing itself for its last clash with the waves. I felt the pull of currents swirl and grab on to my ankles as I listened to the rising growl of what was lurking ahead. The men beside me had disappeared and as I stood alone looking up at the shadow swallowing me, I could swear I felt sweat run down my leg beneath the waters. Darkness. In the dark of the night during religious festivities in a village in South India, the margin between land and water becomes a point of release beyond which characters experience fear, surprise, anger, sadness, trust, anticipation, excitement, contempt, but also rapture as they wash off their masquerade. (Sohrab Hura)

Production Sohrab Hura. Production company Sohrab Hura (Delhi, India). Written and directed by Sohrab Hura. Cinematography, Editing Sohrab Hura. Music Hannes d'Hoine. Sound design, Sound Sohrab Hura. Assistant director J. Ajay Kumar.

Sohrab Hura is an artist and filmmaker living and working in New Delhi. While the core of his work lies in photographs, he tries to break that form regularly and extend it into film, text, and sound. Under his self-publishing imprint UGLY DOG Sohrab Hura has published five books and in 2019 he won the Aperture – Paris Photo Photobook Of The Year Award for his book “The Coast”. His films have been presented internationally at film festivals. His films have won awards at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and Videonale Bonn.

Films: 2010: Pati. 2017: The Lost Head & The Bird. 2019: Bittersweet. 2020: The Coast.

Bonus Material

  • Sohrab Hura, THE COAST (Still)

    Short Story

    “The water curls lovingly over my toes and kisses the back of my ankles before quietly retreating back into the open body of the sea. I can smell the salt in the air and listen to the foamy whiteness of sea spray in a distance. I open my eyes and look down at my feet, cushioned into the soft wet sand.”
  • Sohrab Hura, THE COAST (Still)


    Helena Hauff and producer Morah provide the blistering soundtrack for a segment from Sohrab Hura’s THE COAST.
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