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O estranho

The Intrusion
Still from the film "O Estranho" by Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon. Two women stand next to each other in front of a fence and look at each other. Two airplanes standing on an airport runway can be seen in the background.
  • Director

    Flora Dias, Juruna Mallon

  • Brazil, France / 2023
    107 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language


O ESTRANHO, the intrusion, is a place: Guarulhos International Airport near São Paulo. From there, the journey proceeds not so much through the world as through time. Built on Indigenous territory, the airport completely changed the landscape. Some people left, others remained, they now work in the duty-free shop or in baggage handling. The past reappears in various forms, challenging the protagonists, including Alê. Right there, in the riverbed where she used to play with her sister, she now works all day long.
Just as the concrete covers the vegetation, which covered the graves in turn, the stories pile up, layer upon layer. They offer food for thought about what remains. The film moves between fiction and reality, carrying out a minimal form of archaeology. Its rhythm uncovers the images of a vibrant place. O ESTRANHO is the second joint project by Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon and shows their interest in landscapes, in people and in the interplay of the two. And in keeping memories alive. (Mathilde Chevallier)

Production Lara Lima, Leonardo Mecchi. Production companies Lira Cinematográfica (São Paulo, Brazil), Enquadramento Produções (São Paulo, Brazil). Directed by Flora Dias, Juruna Mallon. Screenplay Flora Dias, Juruna Mallon. Cinematography Camila Freitas. Editing João Marcos de Almeida. Sound design Léo Bortolin. Sound Gustavo Nascimento. Production design Dayse Barreto. Costumes Dayse Barreto. Assistant director Lara Lima. Production manager Luiz Fernando Orofino. Executive producer Leonardo Mecchi, Lara Lima. Co-producer Eva Chillón, Paula Pripas. Co-production Pomme Hurlante Films, Filmes de Abril. With Larissa Siqueira, Antonia Franco, Rômulo Braga, Patrícia Saravy, Thiago Calixto, Laysa Costa, Helena Albergaria, Beatriz Pankararu.

Flora Dias, born in Jales, Brazil in 1985, she studied film and works as a filmmaker and cinematographer. Following her debut O SOL NOS MEUS OLHOS (2013), O ESTRANHO is her second film, which she co-directed with Juruna Mallon.

Juruna Mallon, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1979, he studied art history, film and visual anthropology. In addition to being a filmmaker, Juruna Mallon is also a sound designer and composer.


Flora Dias: 2013: O sol nos meus olhos / The Sun against My Eyes (co-directed by Juruna Mallon, 68 min.). 2016: Ocidente / West (14 min.). 2019: Miragem / Mirage (29 min.). 2020: Pytang (3 min.). 2023: O estranho / The Intrusion.

Juruna Mallon: 2013: O sol nos meus olhos / The Sun against My Eyes (co-directed by Flora Dias, 68 min.). 2014: Ararat (15 min.). 2015: Satan Satie (33 min.). 2017: Les Îles résonnantes / The Resonant Islands (42 min.). 2023: O estranho / The Intrusion.

Bonus Material

Directors' Statement and Essay

  • Still from the film "O Estranho" by Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon. Five coloured photographs are placed on top of a blanket, there are grey and red stones on top of them. There is a hand with dark varnish on the fingernails hovering above them, holding a lighter.


    In “Fight, Flight” Sukhdev Sandhu examines the conceptual weight of airports in cinema by way of Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon’s O ESTRANHO

  • Still from the film "O Estranho" by Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon. A woman in a yellow vest sits on a stone platform with their eyes closed, leaning against a pillar. In the background, there are blurry trees and an airplane standing on an airport runway.

    Directors' Statement

    Flora Dias and Juruna Mallon write about their film O ESTRANHO and research as an act of excavation

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