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Poznámky z Eremocénu

Notes from Eremocene
An Astronauten in a space suit sitting with open arms in a deserted landscaped; the image looks like a negative print with apparent image interferences.
© Viera Čákanyová
  • Director

    Viera Čákanyová

  • Slovakia, Czechia / 2023
    78 min. / Original version with English subtitles

  • Original language

    English, Slovak

Life has become lonely for the human species in the Eremocene. The age of loneliness is characterised by natural destruction, a global loss of biodiversity and the dominance of the technosphere over the biosphere. This is where this playfully dystopian sci-fi essay starts out: digital technologies have conquered the world; the realm of data, from blockchain, to Bitcoin to DAO democracy, is huge and uncontrollable. Two accounts can be heard in voiceover – one generated by AI (artificial intelligence) and one belonging to a post-human virtual being searching for its earlier self, that of the filmmaker herself. Diary-like images of yesteryear appear on the planetary grid, beach scenes, people wearing masks in public places, Christmas lights and climate activists. The Super-8 and 16-mm footage competes with raster graphics, coloured pixels and spectacular clouds of points in 3D, which are overlaid with keyword matrices in turn. There is interference. And questions regarding non-human actors and mortality are posed. Back in time, Nick Cave sings a blues song. Who cares what the future brings? The Eremocene is the present. (Birgit Kohler)

Production Matej Sotnik. Production company GUČA films (Bratislava, Slovak Republic). Director Viera Čákanyová. Screenplay Viera Čákanyová, Klára Tasovská. Cinematography Viera Čákanyová. Editing Viera Čákanyová, Alexandra Gojdičová. Sound design Marek Buranovský. Sound Viera Čákanyová. Co-producer Nina Numankadić, Tatiana Vallová, Roman Gensk´y. Commissioning editor Ondrej Starinský. Executive producer Dorota Zacharová. Co-production Marina Films, Radio and Television of Slovakia.

World sales Marina Films

Viera Čákanyová, born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) in 1980, she studied scriptwriting and film. In addition to directing her own films, she also works as a script consultant and editor for independent films. Her film FREM was screened at the Berlinale Forum in 2020.

Films: 2006: Under Underground (18 min.). 2007: Piraňa / Piranha (26 min.), Červi / Worms (13 min.). 2009: 100 dní / 100 Days (22 min.), Alda (52 min.). 2011: Olda (80 min.), Update (45 min.). 2014: Letiací kôň / Flying Horse (part of the film project Gottland, 30 min.), Rupicapra (part of the film project Slovakia 2.0, 10 min.). 2019: FREM (73 min.). 2020: Biela na bielej / White on White (74 min.). 2023: Poznámky z Eremocénu / Notes from Eremocene.

Bonus Material

Director's Statement, Essay, and Image Gallery

  • Women on the beach in swimming costumes and bikinis. The shot looks like a negative copy of an analogue film image with visible image distortions

    Director's Commentary

    Viera Čákanyová on her film POZNÁMKY Z EREMOCÉNU on the conclusion to her loose post-human “trilogy”

  • A child on a meadow. The image looks like a negative copy of an analogue film image with visible image distortions.


    In “The Age of Loneliness” Shaka McGlotten decodes POZNÁMKY Z EREMOCÉNU’s message in a bottle

  • Close-up image of a grey and brown item that resembles a moth perched on a rock.

    Glossary and Image Gallery

    A selection of terminology Viera Čákanyová created for her film POZNÁMKY Z EREMOCÉNU alongside the AI-generated images they inspired.

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