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UNE FLEUR À LA BOUCHE (A Flower in the Mouth): “Éric Baudelaire adapts Pirandello in a very singular fashion in a strange and intelligent film that doesn’t look like any other and dominated by the captivating Oxmo Puccino.“
cineuropa, Fabian Lemercier, 12.02.2022

“Curatively independent and part of the Arsenal, the Forum section boast experimental and risk-taking fare. One of this year’s standouts is Éric Baudelaire’s UNE FLEUR À LA BOUCHE. Very much a film of two mesmeric halves (…), a beautifully experimental and gently compelling film that should be top of your bookings list.”
Exberliner, David Mouriquand, 07.02.2022

“Wulff allows his audience to feel with these people. Their desperation, their anger is written on their faces, and the camera never flinches. Yet Wulff never exploits these moments. (…) FOR THE MANY – THE VIENNA CHAMBER OF LABOUR is an emotional glimpse into the reality of exploitative, unregulated, neo-liberal work standards — and the danger of taking these conditions for granted.”
cineuropa, Susanne Gottlieb, 13.02.2022

“Another tantalizingly cryptic gem from the Forum section this year is a 62-minute-long reverie that dispenses with any kind of dialogue. Filmed during the pandemic, this beautiful mosaic explores isolation and the distances that paralyse lives in a gentle and enticingly obtuse way. (…) HAPPER'S COMET is a shared dream you’ll want to head to the cinema and share with others.”
Exberliner, David Mouriquand, 07.02.2022

“In its observation of almost imperceptible movements (…) TERRA QUE MARCA's approach to time feels perfectly fitting. Rather than looking to portray the Portuguese countryside as some sort of idyll or new, modern-day Eden, the director tries to reconnect us with an ancestral pace which was once our own, and to lull us into a hypnotic state through meticulous and uncompromising observation.“
cineuropa, Giorgia del Don, 14.02.2022


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