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9. – 30. June on arsenal 3.


JORDMANNEN tells the story of an immigrant from Anatolia who moves to a new country in hope of a better life. The everyday reality of this nameless protagonist, who is depicted as a clay figure, is marked by alienation, racism and exploitation. It is the grim portrayal of an economic migrant in an affluent Western society which is representative of many others: the unqualified worker’s worth is determined solely by his performance and he is not embraced as a new member of this transnational society. The various narrative styles of the film, which moves between documentary and fiction, blend into one other. Structured as a series of episodes, the story is narrated sometimes in the first and sometimes in the third person, making use of dolls, toys and live-action actors and alternating between black-and-white and colour film. Filmmaker Muammer Özer was granted asylum in Sweden in the 1970s. His film was produced with the support of the Stockholm Film Workshop (Filmverkstan), which supported films by immigrant filmmakers. The print being screened here was restored by the Swedish Film Institute. (Can Sungu)

Muammer Özer, born in 1945 in Demirköy, Turkey, Muammer Özer has lived in Sweden since 1977 and is a photographer, author, producer and director.

Written and directed by Muammer Özer Cinematography Muammer Özer Camera Assistant Synnöve Özer Art Director Synnöve Özer, Muammer Özer Costumes Synnöve Özer, Muammer Özer Assistant director Synnöve Özer Producer (Producer) Muammer Özer Distributor Filmform / Stockholm, +46 8 6518426, info@filmform.com

Films: 1984: Splittring (94 Min.). 1985: Bir avuç cennet / Eine Handvoll Paradies (97 Min. ). 1991: Kara Sevdali Bulut / Die verliebte Wolke (95 Min.). 1997: Hollywood kaçaklari / Hollywood Runaways (95 Min.).

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