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In frog spider hand horse house, the effort of all things to keep existing has been observed, the super-focused effort of all creatures toward the expression of vitality, the stubborn going-on in time of particularly shaped and textured bodies...
Shelly Silver calls this film a fairytale without a tale without a fairy. But if a tale builds toward a moral, and a fairy touches circumstances with beneficent or baneful magic, couldn’t the recording apparatus ... be the agent of fable in this case? It’s filmmaking, here, that makes sequential meaning out of one-thing-then-another. It’s filmmaking that proposes: Even the decaying, the very normal, the locked-up are magnets for the camera’s composing and intensifying gaze. – Frances Richard

Shelly Silver, born 1957 in New York. Filmography (selection): 5 lessons & 9 questions about Chinatown (2009, Berlinale Shorts 2010), in complete world (2008), exceptional happenings (2008), What I’m Looking For (2004, Forum 2005), suicide (2003, Forum 2004), evening (2001), ROOSTER (2001–3), Former East/Former West (1994)

Format: HDCAM
Running time: 47 min
: Shelly Silver
Pianists: Nathan Currier, Michael Rose
Animal organizers: Andrew Ginzel, Andrew Prayzner, Shane Cassidy, Mike Hazard, Kirstin McQuaid

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