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The Shortest Day deals with melancholia and sadness, but also with overcoming these feelings. After the winter solstice the days get longer again.” Karø Goldt
“In The Shortest Day, the strip frame image shimmering in pale pink to light and dark gray transforms to something solid. The animated, pulsating slices of color soon divulge a concrete picture. One glimpses branches covered by freshly fallen snow: at first abstruse and blurred, then for a short time, more clearly. A winter picture. Perception drifts continually out of focus, rather than remaining motionless, the picture seems to breathe in its own rhythm. Again and again, the motif slips away, eludes final conceivability, is unable to find any peace of mind. […] The rigid wintry branches bear something soft within them, something that has already been promised in the translation to Goldt’s color strip language: there are shades of pink, beige, gray – the image is not motionless and rigid, as winter implicates. Yes, it contains life.” Margit Emesz

Karø Goldt, born in 1967 in Günzburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin and Vienna. She graduated with a diploma from the School for Artistic Photography Vienna in 1998. Her work has been awarded and shown in exhibitions for photography, photographic film, and objects, as well as at international film festivals.

Running time: 3 min
Language: Without dialog

Photo: © Karø Goldt

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