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Sabine lives with her son Thomas. She is thirty years old, and he is fifteen. She decides to move with him to a remote house near a dam. The teenaged Thomas starts spending less and less time at home. His absence is very difficult for Sabine to handle. When strange incidences start ocurring, Sabine loses her grip. She finds herself in a vicious circle and is willing to do anything to hold back her son. This poignantly precise debut film is about an obsessive mother who stops at nothing to keep her son all to herself.

Production: Tessalit Productions (Paris)

Screenplay: Lise Macheboeuf, Raphaël Jacoulot

Cinematographer: Benoit Chamaillard

Composer: Olivier Pianko

Cast: Nade Dieu, Hadrien Bouvier, Pierre Berriau, Aurelia Petit, Anaïs Demoustier

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:1.85, Color

Running time: 93 min., 24 frames/sec.

Language: French

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