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Don't Follow Me Around

Komm mir nicht nach

Dominik Graf

Germany 2011

Eine Minute Dunkel

One Minute of Darkness

Christoph Hochhäusler

Germany 2011

16.02.  18:00 Eng. subtitles Delphi Filmpalast
20.02.  14:00 Eng. subtitles Kino International
Part 1: Beats Being Dead
17.02.   21:30 Eng. subtitles Adria

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In the summer of 2006, film directors Dominik Graf, Christian Petzold and Christoph Hochhäusler began corresponding with each other on the subjects of film aesthetics, the Berlin School, Germany and the film genre (their correspondence was published in German film magazine “Revolver”). Two years later they decided to continue this theoretical discussion with a joint film project: three individual stories revolving around the same “fait divers”: the escape of a convicted criminal from police custody. Graf’s Komm mir nicht nach tells the story of a police psychologist who meets old acquaintances while investigating a case. In Petzold’s Etwas Besseres als den Tod a young man doing alternative national service experiences a love story without a future. And in Christoph Hochhäusler’s Eine Minute Dunkel an indefatigable policeman hunting the escaped prisoner begins to doubt false certainties. Three films, three styles, three exciting approaches, variations, analyses. German television stations made this all possible. As Dominik Graf wrote: “… this work vis-à-vis mainstream TV, at its edges, in contradiction to and yet, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, in commentary on that mainstream – I find and have always found this to be extremely creative.” (Christoph Terhechte)

Beats Being Dead

Production: Schramm Film Koerner & Weber, commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich

Screenplay: Christian Petzold

Camera: Hans Fromm

Cast: Jacob Matschenz, Luna Mijovic, Vijessna Ferkic, Rainer Bock, Konstantin Frolov, Florian Bartholomäi, Stefan Kurt

Format: 35mm, color

Running time: 88 min.

Language: German

Don’t Follow Me Around

Production: BurkertBareiss Produktion der TV60Film, Munich, commissioned by Degeto

Screenplay: Markus Busch, Dominik Graf

Camera: Michael Wiesweg

Cast: Jeanette Hain, Susanne Wolff, Mišel Matičević, Malou, Lisa Kreuzer, Rüdiger Vogler, Anja Schiffel, Frank Kessler, Philipp Öhme, Eberhard Kirchberg, Timo Jacobs

Format: D-Cinema, color

Running time: 88 min.

Language: German

One Minute of Darkness

Production: Heimatfilm GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne, commissioned by WDR

Screenplay: Christoph Hochhäusler, Peer Klehmet

Camera: Reinhold Vorschneider

Cast: Stefan Kurt, Eberhard Kirchberg

Format: HDCam, color

Running time: 90 min.

Language: German

Photo Beats Being Dead: © Bayerischer Rundfunk, Hans Fromm

Photo Don’t Follow Me Around: © ARD Degeto

Photo One Minute of Darkness: © Reinhold Vorschneider

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