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  • Film still from BOULEVARD: Two young people standing on a roof in Paris.

    Julien Duvivier

    A retrospective of 19 films in March is dedicated to Julien Duvivier, a key figure in 20th century French cinema.

  • Film still from LIVES OF PERFORMERS: A dancing woman in a long dress in a cone of light.

    Yvonne Rainer

    Between March 3 and 26, we will show Yvonne Rainer's cinematic oeuvre on the occasion of the digital restoration of her films.

  • 17:00
    Film still from L'ÂGE D'OR: A woman sucks on the foot of a statue.

    L’âge d’or

    Luis Buñuel France 1930

    DCP Original version with English subtitles 75 min.

    Arsenal 1

  • 18:30
    Film still from MURDER and murder: Two women are lying in a hammock.

    MURDER and murder

    Yvonne Rainer USA 1996

    16 mm Original version with German subtitles 113 min.

    Einführung: Madeleine Bernstorff

    Arsenal 1

  • 21:00
    Film still from PÉPÉ LE MOKO: A man is looking through a wire fence.

    Pépé le Moko

    Julien Duvivier France 1937

    35 mm Original version with English subtitles 93 min.

    Arsenal 1

  • 16:00
    Film still from L'INVITATION AU VOYAGE

    Films by Germaine Dulac

    La coquille et le clergyman
    L’invitation au voyage

    On the piano: Eunice Martins

    Arsenal 1

  • 18:00
    Film still from LIVES OF PERFORMERS: A dancing woman in a long dress in a cone of light.

    Lives of Performers

    Water Motor
    Lives of Performers

    Arsenal 1

  • 20:00
    Film still from SALOMANIA: A person dances in front of colorful images projected on the wall.


    Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz 2009

    DCP Original version 17 min.

    Panel: Sabeth Buchmann (Moderation), Fiona Berg, Kirsten Maar

    Arsenal 1

  • 19:00
    Film still from THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE: An elderly woman is lying in bed, a nurse and a young woman are standing next to the bed.

    The Spiral Staircase

    Robert Siodmak USA 1945

    35 mm Original version 83 min.

    Introduction: Diana Kluge

    Arsenal 1

  • 20:00
    Film still from DERSU UZALA: A hunter dressed in fur cap and jacket in front of blue sky.

    Dersu Uzala

    Akira Kurosawa USSR, Japan 1975

    70 mm OV with Danish and German ST 142 min.

    Arsenal 1

  • 20:00
    Film still from LA CHARETTE FANTÔME: A man wearing a hat leans on a bar counter, behind him other people can be seen out of focus.

    La charrette fantôme

    Julien Duvivier France 1940

    35 mm Original version with English subtitles 91 min.

    Arsenal 1

  • 20:00
    Film still from EIGENTLICH EIGENTLICH JANUAR: A hand holds a photograph of cars parked in front of a house inscribed with graffiti.

    Eigentlich eigentlich Januar

    Jan Peters Germany 2022

    DCP Original version 100 min.

    Followed by a discussion with Jan Peters, Moderation: Birgit Kohler

    Arsenal 1

  • 17:00
    Film still from MULHOLLAND DRIVE: A dark-haired woman looks astonished and is doubled by a mirror.

    Mulholland Drive

    David Lynch France, USA 2001

    35 mm Original version with German subtitles 147 min.

    Arsenal 1

  • 20:00
    Film still from LA FIN DU JOUR: You can see the heads of two men, one is looking at the other.

    La fin du jour

    Julien Duvivier France 1939

    35 mm Original version with English subtitles 107 min.

    Introduction: Ralph Eue

    Arsenal 1

Birgit Hein

A collage of faded family photos.

We mourn the loss of Birgit Hein. She was our guest at the Berlinale Forum in the early 1970s already with the trailblazing experimental films she made together with Wilhelm Hein and later screened her own features there on several occasions, including DIE UNHEIMLICHEN FRAUEN (1991) and BABY I WILL MAKE YOU SWEAT (1994). Her films led to lively discussions and left a lasting impression on the history of feminist cinema as well as the Arsenal distribution wing.  

Exactly 20 years ago, Arsenal presented the first retrospective dedicated to her work, which was entitled “So weit, so verdächtig. Birgit Heins filmische Biografie”. A second one was held online at arsenal 3 in 2021 during the lockdown. In 2009, Birgit Hein participated in the festival LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World curated by Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. Due to her early acquaintance with Jack Smith, she was able to contribute the film she had made with him in 1974 as well as numerous photos and memories. In the countless conversations we had with Birgit Hein, we always learnt something new from her. Her various activities with Wilhelm Hein, including at XScreen in Köln, her numerous publications on experimental film and feminist cinema, and her teaching position at the HBK Braunschweig, which produced generations of experimental filmmakers, will never be forgotten. The photo is taken from the work Stills 1973, 4 Fototafeln von W+B Hein, which was exhibited at the 2009 Forum Expanded. We miss her greatly and send our condolences to her friends and family, particularly her daughter Nina.


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From 1. June 2022 onwards, masks are no longer mandatory. However, we still recommend wearing a mask.

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