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Green Porno

One of the highlights this year are three insect terrariums installed in the Filmhaus, with which Isabella Rossellini in collaboration with Jody Shapiro, Rick Gilbert, and Andy Byers sound out the creative possibilities in the area between film and art. With the use of a magnifying glass, visitors can find out everything about the sexual lives of flies, worms, and lightning bugs on small monitors: "I was always fascinated by the infinite, strange and 'scandalous' ways that insects copulate," says the author, director, actress, and insect portrayer Rossellini. Some of these Green Porno short films will be screened before Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg in the Forum. This year Isabella Rossellini therefore stands for the fluent passage between film festival and exhibition.

CHEAP Gossip Studio

The cinema lobby is a celebrated space of gossip. While waiting in line or drinking some wine, people typically like to utilize their time to exchange gossip - far from trivial, such idle talk is the productive stuff out of which relationships and reputations are made or unmade and new possibilities of difference are envisioned. In order to enable such ephemeral moments, CHEAP will work a glamorous circular cocktail bar in the silver Filmhaus Atrium. There will also be a lovely boutique with CHEAP products and specially selected necessities. For the first time, CHEAP and Special Guests will present the highly sought after CHEAPy Underground über Alles Award. b_books presents stimulating works of literature, theory, or cultural criticism. Drink, chat, accessorize, watch, read: Get more out of life! Come to the Gossip Studio!


CHEAP Gossip Studio with Cocktailbar and CHEAP Shop

Green Porno, Isabella Rossellini, Jody Shapiro, Rick Gilbert, Andy Byers

29 Palms, CA, Stefanie Schneider

Die Uhr/ The Clock, Mark Formanek & Datenstrudel


New York, Wednesday, February 7, 2007, Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Xavier Le Roy in Conversation with Martina Zeidler, Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Spaziergang am Rand der Demokratie, Jörg Hommer

Intruders (Bay), Intruders (Land), Intruders (Rock), Niklas Goldbach

Best Minds Part One, Jeremy Shaw (daily 18.00-24.00)


Mirage (Club "Silencio"), Franziska Cordes

We Are Charming, Ken Jacobs

Building 945, Tomonari Nishikawa


Phone Portrait, Stephen Dwoskin

Said Death To Passion, Jeanne Faust, Jörn Zehe

Blue Movie, Agnieszka Brzezanska

Der Spiegel, Keren Cytter

Finale, Sabine Marte

Dead Devil's Death Bar, Deborah Schamoni

Photo Green Porno: Jody Shapiro

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