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Forum expanded 2009 exhibitions

Becoming ...
Lisa Steele & Kim Tomczak, 4-channel HD video installation. Canada 2008
Marshall McLuhan Salon - Embassy of Canada

Stephen Andrews, DVD-Loop. Canada 2007
Wilde Gallery

Death by Chocolate
Dan Graham, video loop. USA/Canada 2005

Family Tree: Excerpts from a Site-Specific Installation
Shumona Goel, VHS, slides. India 2008

Stefan Zeyen, 35mm transferred to HD loop. Germany 2009
Filmhaus, Basement Rotes Foyer

Film Scrolls
Barbara Hammer
Filmhaus, Basement Atrium

Flick Stills - Memorabilia of a Past Life
Pablo Bartholomew, Photographs. India 2008

Hatsu-Yume (First Dream), videotape. USA 1981 (2006 restored version)
The Passing, videotape. USA 1991 (2008 restored version)
Bill Viola
Haunch of Venison

i deeply regret
Karø Goldt, video loop, Germany 2008
Galerie Antje Wachs

Pavel Büchler, various works, various media. 1973-2009
Tanya Leighton Gallery

Juliane Zelwies, 5 channel video installation. Germany 2009
Filmhaus, First Floor

Papal Broken Dance, Movie Box #1, Movie Box #2
Marie Losier, Installations. USA 2008
Filmhaus, Basement Atrium

Projected Data Images
Katharina Sieverding, DVD. Germany 1964-2008
Galerie Thomas Schulte

D-L Alvarez, video and sound works, collages, performances, text. 2009
a project including works by Anne McGuire, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Philip Marshall, Patty Chang, Jennifer Locke, Wayne Smith, Craig Goodman, Nao Bustamonte, Jack Falanga, Mike Kitchell, Kim Brauer, Brenna Murphy, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Adrian Hermanides, Stephen Beachy, Alexandre Estrela, Stanley Lieber, Aykan Safoglu

Paulette Phillips, DV. Canada 2008
Galerie Antje Wachs

Stills 1973
W+B Hein, 4 photo panels.
Filmhaus, Basement Rotes Foyer

Eine Ausstellung
Ludwig Schönherr, Photographs, Films, Objects, Texts.
Halle A/14

Sonata for four Televisions
Ludwig Schönherr, 4 channel video installation. Germany 1969-70
Filmhaus, Ground Floor

The Factory of Gestures. Body Language in Film
Oksana Bulgakowa & Dietmar Hochmuth, 7 channel video installation. Germany/USA 2008
Filmhaus, First Floor

Guillaume Cailleau & Benjamin Krieg, 16mm loop. Germany 2008
Filmhaus, Basement Rotes Foyer

Yippie Yi Yo Kayah
Gail Pickering, HD. Great Britain 2009
Galerie Antje Wachs

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