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Eine Serie von Gedanken is made up of four parts: El Greco in Toledo, Leonardos Tränen, An Bord der USS Ticonderoga, Ein Museumsbau in Essen. It is about painting, television, photography and architecture. El Greco’s son points to a body. His gaze, like his father’s, is directed at us. Leonardo is fouled and falls. Soldiers who have long been dead look past each other and us. There is a museum with six buildings, four courtyards, foyers and gardens. Visual axes, bodies and architecture form thoughts. To be read in books by the author Emigholz, heard in a radio play, or seen in his new film. Heinz Emigholz produces series. “Architecture as autobiography” and “Photography and beyond” are just two of his intertwined film series; “The basis of make-up” is a series of drawings. In a collage-like way, Eine Serie von Gedanken sums up his notion of pictorial thinking, abandoning itself just as much to the power of the repressed as to the nervousness of the present: “On top of this, the father had a child – and the son has nothing. The young cannot console the old. The old cannot take away the pain from the young.” And we see Leonardo on the football field. (Stefanie Schulte Strathaus)

Production: Pym Films, Berlin

Screenplay: Heinz Emigholz

Camera: Heinz Emigholz, Benjamin Krieg

Narrators: Hanns Zischler, Imri Kahn, John Erdman, Heinz Emigholz, Eckhard Rhode

Format: HDCam, color and b&w

Running time: 91 min.

Language: German, English

Funded by:

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