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Forum Expanded Screenings

Pilar Alvarez, Cuba 2012, 3 min

Blinder Fleck
Björn Speidel, Germany 2012, 12 min

Daniel Kötter, Germany 2012, 18 min

Filipa César, France 2012, 10 min

Cutaways of Jiang Chun Gen – Forward And Back Again
James T. Hong, Taiwan, USA 2012, 10 min

Déjeuner chez Gertrude Stein / Lunch with Gertrude Stein
Isabelle Prim, France 2012, 45 min

Sandy Amerio, France 2012, 45 min

Edward Krasiński’s Studio
Babette Mangolte, USA 2012, 30 min

El Cafeteria
Paul Geday, Egypt 1975, 11 min

Farther Than the Eye Can See
Basma Alsharif, United Arab Emirates, Libanon 2012, 13 min

frog spider hand horse house
Shelly Silver, USA 2013, 49 min

Kalte Probe
Constanze Ruhm, Christine Lang, Austria, Germany 2013, 90 min

Lessons in Process
Philip Hoffman, Cuba, Canada 2012, 30 min

Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Véréna Paravel, USA, France, GB 2012, 87min

Isabella Rossellini, USA, Germany, France 2013, 21 min

Microbrigades – Variations of a Story
Florian Zeyfang,Alex Schmoeger, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Germany 2013, 30 min

Armando Lulaj, Albania 2013, 22 min

Not Blacking Out, Just Turning the Lights Off
James Richards, Great Britain 2013, 17 min

Once Every Day
Richard Foreman, USA 2012, 64 min

Pipe Dreams
Ali Cherri, Lebanon, France 2012, 7 min
Por Primera Vez
Octavio Cortazar, Cuba 1967, 9 min

Records from the Excited State – Chapter 3
Malak Helmy, Egypt 2012, 6 min

Remanence I – (Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost)
Joshua Bonnetta, Canada 2012, 2 min

Clara Wieck, Ginan Seidl, Germany 2012, 8 min

RP 31
Lucy Raven, USA 2012, 4 min

The Runaway Troupe of the Cartesian Theater
Lior Shamriz, Germany, People's Republic of China 2013, 18 min

Un Archipel
Till Roeskens, Marie Bouts, France 2012, 36 min

View from the Acropolis
Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan, Netherlands 2012, 16 min

Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved our Collective Body
Marta Popivoda, Germany , France, Serbia 2013, 62 min

J.P. Sniadecki, Huang Xiang, Xu Ruotao, USA, China 2013, 65 min

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