may 2019, edition

New DVD: "Ramdenime interviu pirad sakitchebse" (Some Interviews on Personal Matters) by Lana Gogoberidse

We’re very pleased to release a DVD of Lana Gogoberidse’s wonderful newly-restored film RAMDENIME INTERVIU PIRAD SAKITCHEBSE (SOME INTERVIEWS ON PERSONAL MATTERS, USSR/Georgia 1978) in conjunction with Filmgalerie 451 on our joint label, arsenal edition.

In the film, a journalist called Sofiko interviews all kinds of women about their lives and desires, while at the same time trying herself to find a fragile balance between her own professional fulfillment and family-related duties. With great sensitivity, Lana Gogoberidze uses a documentary-esque style and dynamic camera movements to tell the story of how the personal and the political are intertwined. Focused on the daily struggle of an emancipated woman, the film is considered one of the first feminist films made in the Soviet Union.