November 2015, edition

DVD Release


Together with Filmgalerie 451, we are publishing two new DVDs that include comprehensive booklets. These both present the films of Klaus Telscher, which were published in collaboration with the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, and the state theatre films by Daniel Kötter and Constanze Fischbeck. "Klaus Telscher first appeared with the film ENTWICKLUNGSSTÜCKE (1979/80) at a time when a German experimental film was starting to blossom again. Telscher’s rich, original, witty, subtle, and sometimes cryptic work is characterized by a desire for the technically unorthodox and the sounding out of "unsuccessful" images; at the same time, the obsessive use of musical fragments and the eclectic references to photography and film history are equally typical of his style. His last film LA REPRISE was released in 1995. In 1988, he appeared in Stephan Sachs' Alpine film PARAMOUNT as an actor and was the cinematographer for Noll Brinckmann's 1989 Empathie und panische Angst". (Chr. N. Brinckmann) state-theatre is a modular art project about the urban planning conditions of the performative based on the six case studies of LAGOS, TEHRAN, BERLIN, DETROIT, BEIRUT and MÖNCHENGLADBACH. These six experimental documentaries examine the relationship between urban space, architecture, and its performative usage. The first trilogy LAGOS, TEHRAN and BERLIN places a focus on temporarily used state and national theatres, while the second trilogy DETROIT, BEIRUT and MÖNCHENGLADBACH is centered around the question of alternative assembly spaces in cities in the grip of processes of transformation and, more generally, the performative quality of places of urban encounter. How does the question of spaces for cultural assembly change where there is no longer a theatre architecture or when there has never been one in the first place?