Forum Expanded Ausstellung

„The Days Float through my Eyes“

SAVVY contemporary
Reinickendorfer Straße 17, 13347 Berlin

18. Mai – 16. Juni 2021

Haig Aivazian
All of Your Stars are But Dust on my Shoes, 2021
Grace Ndiritu
Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema, 2021
Naeem Mohaiemen
Jole dobe na  / Those Who Do Not Drown, 2020
Thirza Cuthand
Medicine and Magic, 2020
Kerstin Schroedinger
The Song of the Shirt, 2020
Maya Schweizer
Voices and Shells, 2020
The Living and the Dead Ensemble
The Wake, 2021
Rosalind Morris
The Zama Zama Project, 2020

Installationen im SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA

Haus der Statistik - Haus B, Otto-Braun-Str. 72, 10178 Berlin

9. – 20. Juni 2021

Paula Gaitán
Se hace camino al andar / The Path is made by Walking, 2021
Matthias De Groof
Sous le masque blanc: le film qu’Haesaerts aurai pu réaliser  / Under the White Mask: The Film That Haesaerts Could Have Made, 2020