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19:00 Kino 1

Pleins feux sur l’assassin

Pleins feux sur l’assassin Spotlight on a Murderer
Georges Franju F 1961
Mit Pierre Brasseur, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Marianne Koch
DCP OmE 95 min

kino arsenal: Magical History Tour
 – Niemandsländer und Halbwelten im Film

19:30 Kino 2

The Lodger

The Lodger Alfred Hitchcock GB 1926
35 mm engl. ZT 90 min
A restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with ITV Studios Global Entertainment,
Network Releasing and and Park Circus Films. Principal restoration funding provided by The
Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation, and Simon W Hessel. Additional
funding provided by British Board of Film Classification, Deluxe 142, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur,
and Ian & Beth Mill.

Am Klavier: Eunice Martins
kino arsenal: Gaumont: Seit es das Kino gibt

21:00 Kino 1

Les yeux sans visage

Les yeux sans visage Eyes Without a Face Georges Franju
F/I 1960 Mit Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Édith Scob
DCP OmE 90 min