Juni 2011, kino arsenal

Ludwig Wittgenstein at the Movies

SO IS THIS, 1982

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was a passionate cinemagoer. He loved musicals and westerns in particular; Fred Astaire and Carmen Miranda were his idols. He always sat in the front row and saw the visits to the cinema that followed his lectures as a sort of relaxing "shower". Numerous filmmakers such as Derek Jarman, Péter Forgács, Stan Brakhage and Michael Snow have explored Wittgenstein and his work in an explicit manner. To coincide with the "Ludwig Wittgenstein. Verortungen eines Genies" exhibition on show at the Schwules Museum until June 13, clips will be shown from films that Wittgenstein particularly rated as well as from works that were inspired by him. Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris), who provided the soundtrack for Wittgenstein's trip to Iceland with his friend David Pinsent, will be providing a musical accompaniment. (Kristina Jaspers) (June 7)


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