kino arsenal: Retrospektive Leo McCarey

19:00 Kino 1

Ruggles of Red Gap

Ruggles of Red Gap USA 1935
Mit Charles Laughton, Mary Boland, Charles Ruggles, Zasu Pitts
35 mm OF 90 min
Kopie der Universal Studios, Los Angeles

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20:00 Kino 2

Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! Baz Luhrmann USA 2001
Mit Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor
35 mm OF 130 min

kino arsenal: Retrospektive Leo McCarey

21:00 Kino 1

Once Upon a Honeymoon

Once Upon a Honeymoon USA 1942
Mit Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Walter Slezak
35 mm OF 115 min
Preserved by the Library of Congress