kino arsenal: 11. ALFILM – Arabisches Filmfestival Berlin
 – Nomad Edition

20:00 Kino 1

Give Up The Ghost

All Come From Dust


Sunday Market: Tripoli


Give Up The Ghost Zain Duraie
Jordanien/Schweden/D 2019 DCP OmE 15 min
All Come From Dust Younes Ben Slimane
Tunesien 2019 DCP OmE 9 min
Roujoula Ilias El Faris
Marokko/F 2017 DCP OmE 22 min
Sunday Market: Tripoli Yahya Mourad
Libanon 2018 DCP OmE 16 min
Brotherhood Meryam Joobeur
Kanada/Tunesien/Katar/Schweden 2018 DCP OmE 25 min