Living Archive Ausstellung

(KW – Institute for Contemporary Art, 6.–23. Juni 2013)

(1) Splices (Florian Zeyfang) (2) Sonate für 4 Monitore (Ludwig Schönherr) (3) Cacheu (Filipa César) (4) If sex takes not time (and was kein lebendes Bild) (Stephan Geene) (5) Möglichkeitsraum 5 (Angela Melitopoulos) (6) Kinoarchäologie (Sabine Nessel et. al.) (7) Film ohne Film (Martin Ebner) (8) Kinoarchäologie (Sabine Nessel et. al.) (9) Walking Smartphone Tree (Johannes Paul Raether) (10) Now! (Compressed) (lensbased class, UdK) (11) Now! (Compressed) (lensbased class, UdK) (12) Viewing Station (13) Trust the filmmakers, or trust those who you trust and they trust the filmmakers (Ala Younis) (14) KEYwording – Notes on Enculturation of Words and Word Practice within the Image Archive (Madhusree Dutta, Ines Schaber) (15) Das Geschäftsjahr 1978 (Entuziazm)