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June 2019, arsenal cinema

The DEFA Foundation presents:
 Apart from Golzow


Apart from the long-term observational film Die Kinder von Golzow, from the mid-1980s Winfried Junge – with Barbara June from the mid-1980s – made numerous documentaries for the DEFA, which have just been released on DVD. In STUDENTINNEN (1965) Junge observes women at Ilmenau University of Technology. EINBERUFEN (1971) focuses on conscripts during their first weeks of service. WENN JEDER TANZEN WÜRDE, WIE ER WOLLTE, NA! (1972) concentrates on the teachers and students at a dance school. DAS PFLUGWESEN – ES ENTWICKELT SICH (1987) is a concise report about a competition between tractor drivers. The second section goes to the Middle East and Africa: In Syria, Junge follows the construction of a spinning mill. In Libya and Somalia, he reports on developments in education and agriculture. In NICHT JEDER FINDET SEIN TROJA (1990) the Junges returned to Syria and spoke to archaeologists. (jh) (3.6.)