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April 2013, arsenal cinema

50 Years of "Das kleine Fernsehspiel"


Cosmopolitan, brave, unconventional, young - these adjectives have characterized the "Das kleine Fernsehspiel" series since 1963. Conceiving of itself as a workshop and research laboratory, it fosters young German and international film and TV talents. For its 50th birthday, the Deutsche Kinemathek and ZDF are paying homage to the series, which has right from the beginning sought out new developments on the creative edge of feature films and documentaries. Arsenal and ZDF will show two films that complement each other on four theme nights in April.

DISTANT VOICES – STILL LIVES(Terence Davies, GB 1987, 8.4., Visiting guest: Eckart Stein, Christoph Holch, Anne Even) On her wedding day, Eileen starts thinking about the past, especially about her bad-tempered but caring father. This richly portrayed story of one family is a semi-autobiographical depiction of the working-class in post-war Britain, in which music and songs played an important role.

ARDIENTE PACIENCIA(Ardent Patience,Antonio Skármeta, BRD/Portugal 1983, 8.4.)Skármeta's feature debut pays homage to the Chilean Nobel laureate and poet Pablo Neruda who was also a presidential candidate for the Communist Party and Chilean ambassador in Paris. Told from the perspective of a postman, the events on an island off the coast of Chile reflect the political upheavals before and after Pinochet's putsch.

GESCHICHTE DER NACHT(Clemens Klopfenstein, Switzerland 1978, 15.4., Visiting guest: Clemens Klopfenstein) For his black and white experimental, documentary film-poem, Clemens Klopfenstein traveled across the whole of Europe and filmed nightlife in big cities from dusk till dawn.

THE LAST OF ENGLAND(Derek Jarman, GB 1987, 15.4.) In Derek Jarman's experimental and apocalyptic swan song to the empire, a young man wanders through abandoned industrial wasteland. Idyllic Super 8 family footage is interspersed in the bleak scenes of loneliness and violence. Bright colors and sepia tones alternate.

IJON TICHY: RAUMPILOT(Episodes 1–6, Oliver Jahn, Randa Chahoud, Dennis Jacobsen, D 2006, 22.4., Visiting guests: Oliver Jahn (invited), Alexander Bickel, Brigitte Kramer) This sci-fi farce narrates the adventures of the astronaut Ijon Tichy in 15-minute episodes. The set is his "three room rocket" and the anti-hero is accompanied by Nora Tschirner, a home-made holographic assistant. The cult series developed out of a dffb project.

FORBRYDELSENS ELEMENT(The Element of Crime, Lars von Trier, Dänemark 1984, 22.4.) Under hypnosis, a policeman named Fisher who now lives in Cairo reconstructs a murder case that took place two months previously in northern Europe. His mentor Osborne's methods to solve the case require full identification with the murderer. Lars von Trier's first feature filmed in bleak orange tones transforms a classic thriller plot into a surrealist odyssey through the memories of the main character.

BERLIN IS IN GERMANY (Hannes Stöhr, D 2001, 29.4., Visiting guests: Hannes Stöhr, Christian Cloos) Hannes Stöhr's dffb graduation film is a Berlin ballad about the post-1989 era After 11 years in jail, the taxi driver Martin Schulz rediscovers his hometown and has to rise to many challenges. "The images are unspectacularly beautiful because they are not cluttered with Berlin clichés," the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote at the time.

LOLLIPOP MONSTER(Ziska Riemann, D 2011, 29.4., Visiting guests: Ziska Riemann, Claudia Tronnier) This coming-of-age film that buzzes with energy is about the friendship between two outsiders who grow up in Berlin's arty milieu. Borrowing from comics and video clips, Riemann's debut film opposes the frugality of the "Berlin School". (Anja Göbel)

A Deutsche Kinemathek and ZDF event.