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September 2020, transfer

Big Cinema, Small Cinema #35 What's ringing, scratching, rustling there in the film?


Our next film event for children takes place on September 20, for all aged eight and above: Since the first time films were shown in 1895, they have been accompanied by sounds and music. Noises, music, sounds and language are combined to make a soundtrack. Before we make our own sound experiments and create a soundtrack to DÉMÉNAGEMENT À LA CLOCHE DE BOIS by Alice Guy (France 1905), we will find out what can be seen and heard in four shorts: In ROOTS (Germany 1996) by Bärbel Neubauer, colors and shapes swirl around and keep transforming themselves. In his FILMSTUDIE (Germany 1926), Hans Richter plays with light and shadows. LANTOUY by Isabell Spengler and Daniel Adams (Germany 2006) entices us into a magical world of images and sounds. Finally, in Matthias Müller and Christoph Girardet’s PLAY (Germany 2003) a moment full of suspense between thundering applause and the beginning of a piece of music being played seems to be never-ending.