Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section

Ganga Bruta

Humberto Mauro, Brazil 1933

Size: 1.58 MiByte

Istoki / Die Quellen

Dawlat Chudonaserow , USSR, Tadzhikistan 1985

Size: 533 KiByte

Arigato-San / Mr Thank You

Hiroshi Shimizu, Japan 1936

Size: 569 KiByte

Sant Tukaram / Saint Tukaram

V. Damle, S. Fathelal, India 1936

Size: 2.26 MiByte

Cold Homeland

Volker Koepp, Germany 1995

Size: 1.12 MiByte


Christoph Janetzko, Germany 1995

Size: 2.12 MiByte

Middle Of The Moment

Nicolas Humbert, Werner Prenzel, Germany, Switzerland 1995

Size: 1.01 MiByte

Ernesto Che Guevara, the Bolivian Diary

Richard Dindo, Switzerland, France 1994

Size: 2.04 MiByte

Citizen Langlois

Edgardo Cozarinsky, France 1995

Size: 680 KiByte


Raymond Depardon, France 1994

Size: 2.00 MiByte


Claude Lanzmann, France, Germany 1991/1994

Size: 4.05 MiByte

The Troubles we've seen

Marcel Ophuls, France, Germany 1994

Size: 3.69 MiByte

A Caixa

Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal, France 1994

Size: 565 KiByte

L'Amico Immaginario / The Imaginary Friend

Nico D'Alessandria, Italy 1994

Size: 0.93 MiByte

Zawrócony / Reverted

Kazimierz Kutz, Poland 1994

Size: 1.49 MiByte

Zabraneniat Plod / The Forbidden Fruit

Krassimir Kroumov, Bulgaria 1994

Size: 2.29 MiByte

Lunnyje Psy / Lunnyje Psy

Wladimir Turnajew, Lidija Polschtschikowa, Russia 1994

Size: 2.10 MiByte

Shenskaija Rol / Women's role

Iwan Dychowitschny, Russia 1995

Size: 138 KiByte

Vanya on 42nd street

Louis Malle, USA 1994

Size: 2.23 MiByte


Terry Zwigoff, USA 1994

Size: 1.12 MiByte

Postcards From America

Steve McLean, USA 1994

Size: 698 KiByte

Roy Cohn/Jack Smith

Jill Godmilow, USA 1994

Size: 1.28 MiByte

Music for the Movies: Toru Takemitsu

Charlotte Zwerin, USA 1994

Size: 1.02 MiByte

The Soul Investigator

Kal Ng, Canada 1994

Size: 1.01 MiByte

Quiereme Y Veras

Daniel Díaz Torres, Cuba 1995

Size: 1.11 MiByte


Fernando Arca, Hernán Musaluppi, Argentina 1993/1994

Size: 373 KiByte

El Episodio / Die Episode

Fernando Arca, Emiliano Torres, Argentina 1993/1994

Size: 373 KiByte


Rodrigo Moreno, Argentina 1993/1994

Size: 360 KiByte

El Perro Negro (La Conciencia)

Fernando Priego Ruiz, Argentina 1993/1994

Size: 360 KiByte

Zenshin Shosetsuka / A Dedicated Life

Kazuo Hara, Japan 1994

Size: 2.22 MiByte

Kana-Kana, The Summer That Never Was

Taku Oshima, Japan 1994

Size: 1.04 MiByte


Shunji Iwai, Japan 1994

Size: 1.00 MiByte

Feixia Ahda / The Red Lotus Society

Stan Lai, Taiwan 1994

Size: 1.07 MiByte

Dongxie Xidu / Ashes of time

Wong Kar-wai, Hongkong 1992/1994

Size: 1.06 MiByte

The Eagle Shooting Hero

Jeff Lau, Hongkong 1993/1994

Size: 1.15 MiByte

Suwapings / The Laughing Barrio

Manny Reyes, Philippines 1994

Size: 483 KiByte

Pitra, Putra Aur Dharamyuddha / Father, Son and Holy War

Anand Patwardhan, India 1994

Size: 584 KiByte

Pfui - Unzucht und Ordnung in Deutschland

Friederike Anders, Rainer Gams, Jürgen Brüning, Germany 1994

Size: 0.97 MiByte

Unser Berlin hat keinen Vornamen

Dietmar Hochmuth, Germany 1991/1992

Size: 2.27 MiByte

Ein Traum, was sonst

Hans Jürgen Syberberg, Germany, Austria 1994

Size: 2.39 MiByte

Top Lista Nadrealista / Monthy Python in Sarajewo

Voijslav Malasevic, Sasa Petrovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1993/1994

Size: 1.04 MiByte

Seule, Georgie

Otar Iosseliani, France 1994

Size: 1.21 MiByte

Black Dream/Higher Being

Dou Wai, Taiwan 1994

Size: 1.01 MiByte

Bell Drum Tower

He Yong, Taiwan 1994

Size: 1.01 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.