Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section


Thomas Arslan, Germany 1998

Size: 2.40 MiByte

Ladie's Choice – Scenes from the Occident

Viola Stephan, Germany 1999

Size: 1.61 MiByte

Brigitte and Marcel – Lifelines from Golzow

Barbara Junge, Winfried Junge, Germany 1961/1998

Size: 3.69 MiByte

Vers La Mer / To The Sea

(Alternative Names: K Moru; A Tenger Felé; Kam Moreto; Spre Mare) Annik Leroy, Belgium 1999

Size: 1.74 MiByte

Lila Lili

Marie Vermillard, France 1998

Size: 2.38 MiByte

Rose E Pistole / Guns and Roses

Carla Apuzzo, Italy 1998

Size: 1.13 MiByte

L'Ospite / The Guest

Alessandro Colizzi, Italy 1998

Size: 1.20 MiByte

The Port of the Last Resort

Joan Grossman, Paul Rosdy, Austria 1998

Size: 2.37 MiByte

Poniedzialek / Monday

Witold Adamek, Poland 1998

Size: 2.43 MiByte

Joe Hill

Bo Widerberg, Sweden 1971

Size: 649 KiByte


Aki Kaurismäki, Finland 1999

Size: 1.20 MiByte

Zwety Kalenduly / Marigolds in Flower

Sergej Sneshkin, Russia 1998

Size: 2.57 MiByte

1997 (Sapisi Rustema S Risunkami) / 1997 (Rustem's Notes with Illustrations)

Ardak Amirkulov, Kazakhstan 1998

Size: 1.73 MiByte

Ajanse Schischei / The Glass Agency

Ebrahim Hatamikia, Iran 1998

Size: 1.27 MiByte

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi

Avi Mograbi, Israel, France 1999

Size: 1.25 MiByte

Les Casablancais / People from Casablanca

Abdelkader Lagtaa, Morocco, France, Canada 1998

Size: 1.01 MiByte

Adieu Forain / Bye Bye Showman

Daoud Aoulad-Syad, Morocco 1998

Size: 1.11 MiByte Femmes / Women...and Women

Saad Chraibi, Morocco 1998

Size: 1.14 MiByte

La Vie Sur Terre / Life on Earth

Abderrahmane Sissako, Mali, France 1998

Size: 3.13 MiByte


Michael Almereyda, USA 1998

Size: 1.23 MiByte

Thug Life in D.C.

Marc Levin, USA 1998

Size: 1.25 MiByte


Jim Shedden, Canada 1998

Size: 3.02 MiByte

Silvia Prieto

Martin Rejtman, Argentina 1998

Size: 2.28 MiByte


Mori Tatsuya, Japan 1997/1998

Size: 3.03 MiByte

Adrenaline Drive

Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan 1999

Size: 1.04 MiByte

Journey to Beijing

Evans Chan, Hong Kong, USA 1998

Size: 2.54 MiByte


Stephen Tung Wai, Hong Kong, China 1998

Size: 0.96 MiByte

Expect The Unexpected

Patrick Yau, Hong Kong, China 1998

Size: 645 KiByte

Bhoothakkannadi / The Magnifying Glass

Ambazhathil Karanakuran Lohithades, India 1997

Size: 2.41 MiByte

The Play Of God

Jayaraaj Rajesekheran Nair, India 1997

Size: 1.80 MiByte

Choyonghan – Kajok / The Quiet Family

Kim Ji-Woon, Korea 1998

Size: 1.69 MiByte


Alfred Behrens, Germany 1998

Size: 1.00 MiByte

Sladke Stoleti / The Sweet Century

Helena Trestikova, Czech Republic 1998

Size: 1.24 MiByte


Jean-Marie Téno, Cameroon/France 1999

Size: 897 KiByte


Seiichi Tanabe, Japan 1999

Size: 487 KiByte

Quatre Femmes D'Egypte / Four Women from Egypt

Tahani Rached, Egypt, Canada 1997

Size: 1.16 MiByte

One Of Us

Susan Korda, USA 1999

Size: 1.07 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.