Film PDFs

This archive is a work in progress. At the moment, you can download information for the films shown in the years 1971-2002. The pdf files for the Forum films from 2003 onwards are available on the Forum website for the respective year and can be found via the program archive menu item.

By Year and Forum Section


Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, West Germany 1972

Size: 1.49 MiByte

Der Weg des Hans Monn

Andreas Kettelhack, West Germany 1972

Size: 904 KiByte

Ausdatiertes Material

Wilhelm Hein, Birgit Hein, West Germany 1972-1973

Size: 789 KiByte

Chetan, Indian Boy

Hark Bohm, West Germany 1973

Size: 504 KiByte

Shirley Chisholm For President

Peter Lilienthal, West Germany 1972

Size: 1.31 MiByte

Padenije dinastii Romanowych (Fewral) / The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Esfir Schub, Soviet Union, 1927

Size: 3.73 MiByte

Spanish Earth

Joris Ivens, USA 1937

Size: 2.78 MiByte

Niho no yoru to kiri / Night and Fog in Japan

Nagisa Oshima, Japan 1960

Size: 5.61 MiByte

Nel nome del padre / In the Name of the Father

Marco Bellocchio, Italy 1972

Size: 4.23 MiByte

Medea – Un Maggio di Pietro Frediani

Paolo Benvenuti, Italy 1972

Size: 2.45 MiByte

Le retour d'Afrique

Alain Tanner, Switzerland 1973

Size: 1.31 MiByte

La Victoria

Peter Lilienthal, West Germany 1973

Size: 3.07 MiByte

La maman et la putain / The Mother and the Whore

[Translate to english:] Jean Eustache, Frankreich 1973

Size: 3.68 MiByte

George who?

Michèle Rosier, France 1973

Size: 2.65 MiByte

Handsome Face

Bernard Paul, France, Italy 1972

Size: 2.67 MiByte

Saitane / Satan

Oumarou Ganda, Niger 1972

Size: 1.44 MiByte

El faham / Le charbonnier / The Charcoal Maker

Mohamed Bouamari, Algeria 1972

Size: 2.13 MiByte


Peter Robinson, USA 1972

Size: 2.46 MiByte

Meres Tou'36 / Days of 36

Theo Angelopoulos, Greece 1972

Size: 3.37 MiByte

Ek adhuri kahani

Mrinal Sen, India 1972

Size: 2.73 MiByte

Los traidores / The Traitors

Cine de la base, Argentina 1973

Size: 2.81 MiByte


For information about films shown after 2003, please see the respective year via the program archive menu item.