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Forum expanded 2009 Talk and Show

Die Podiumsdiskussionen im Rahmen von Forum expanded Talk and Show finden in englischer Sprache statt oder werden ins Englische übersetzt.

Episode 1: Sense of Architecture

The film "Sense of Architecture" shows 42 contemporary architectural projects of Austrian origins. As an independent work, it emerged from the material for 57 short films that Heinz Emigholz produced for the traveling exhibition conceived in Graz, Sense of Architecture.

mit Heinz Emigholz, Mark Peranson, Charlotte Pöchhacker. Alexander Kada. Moderation: Siegfried Zielinski

07.02.  12:00 - 16:00 Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart (Für das Filmscreening Tickets erforderlich)

Episode 2: Materiality - Conversations

Against a backdrop of the possibilities digitalisation provides, the centre of attention is the re-evaluation of the characteristics of formats like film, video, photography and television. Writers and filmtheorists talk with Forum and Forum expanded artists and filmmakers about their media.

mit Christa Blümlinger & Harun Farocki, Janine Marchessault & Michael Snow, Raymond Bellour über Bill Viola, Marc Siegel & Ludwig Schönherr, Rainer Bellenbaum & Katharina Sieverding. Moderation: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus & Anselm Franke

08.02.  14:00 - 17:00 Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart (freier Eintritt)

Episode 3: Film als Film

In 1977 Birgit Hein and Wulf Herzogenrath curated the film and video section at documenta 6. Their exhibition Film als Film: 1910 bis heute (Film as Film: 1910 to today), in Cologne in the same year “both broke new ground in the materials shown (which included preliminary drawings,
frame stills and diagrams, as well as projected 16mm film) and staked a claim for historical continuity across the canon of ‘formal film’.” (Ian Christie)
Film and video works as well as curatorial practices from that time will be re-considered.

mit Wulf Herzogenrath, Birgit Hein. Moderation: Christine Rüffert, Winfried Pauleit

09.02.  10:00 Arsenal 1 (freier Eintritt)

Episode 4: Culture Shock

Canadian artists Darryl Nepinak, Keesic Douglas, Bonnie Devine and Bear Witness were invited to respond to two films – one Karl May inspired film (from the former West Germany) and one East German "Red western" produced by the DEFA – by creating new short works based on them. They are acutely aware of the history and enduring power of the stereotypes they portray, and they are forging clear lines of demarcation between those works and contemporary Aboriginal society.

mit Bonnie Devine, Keesic Douglas, Maja Figge, Claus Löser, Steven Loft, Darryl Nepinak, Bear Witness, Claus Löser, Maja Figge. Moderation: Nanna Heidenreich.

10.02.  09:45 Arsenal 1 (freier Eintritt)

Episode 5: Hard Cases, Bad Dreams, All Happy Families: Seriality in Film and Television

The panel will discuss the media-specific particularities of television series such as seriality, documentarism vs. fictionality, epic narratolgy, but also the differences between television and film, including the forms of distribution and reception.

mit Christoph Dreher, Diedrich Diedrichsen. Moderation: Constanze Ruhm, Michaela Wünsch

11.02.  10:00 Arsenal 1 (freier Eintritt)

Episode 6: The Space Between Seeing and Knowing is Haunted

Psychometry, Cartoon and Double Take: Three Forum expanded projects that use media artefacts and left-overs from news, advertising, and cinema in its televised form. What remains of the real, how is it serialized, how does it haunt our contemporary imagination?

mit D-L Alvarez, Stephen Andrews, Johan Grimonprez. Moderation: Anselm Franke, Natascha Sadr-Haghighian.

12.02.  10:00 Arsenal 1 (freier Eintritt)

Episode 7: Handmade Films

A remarkable number of films and performances shown in the Forum expanded program this year are using 16mm or 35mm film. Canadian filmmaker Philip Hoffman introduces the Film Farm, a retreat for independent filmmaking in Ontario, where Jenniver Reeves and Scott M. Berry have been among the visiting artists. Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullins and Michel BalagUé are building up a filmmaker’s lab in Berlin. The panel will discuss the specifics of celluloid in experimental film and contemporary art in times of digitization.

mit Philip Hoffman, Jennifer Reeves, Scott M. Berry, Gustavo Jahn, Melissa Dullius, Michel Balagué, Tomonari Nishikawa, Milena Gierke. Moderation: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

12.02.  20:00 Arsenal 2 (freier Eintritt)

Berlinale Crossover

OReilly meets Snow: Please Say Something

Filmemacher David OReilly (Berlinale Shorts) und Michael Snow (Forum expanded) diskutieren mit Maike Höhne und Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

09.02.  14:00 HAU 2 (Tickets erforderlich)

Experiments in Facts and Fiction: The Work of Sharon Lockhart

Moderation: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus & Anselm Franke

12.02.  14:00 HAU 1 (Tickets erforderlich)

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